Show Robbie who’s boss

rw at 5.44.21 PM

The nominations for the 5th annual Mashable Awards are under way, and we’re calling on all our loyal pals to help us land a spot in the ‘Best Branded App’ category for our recent work on Ness and Showyou.

The way it works is pretty simple. Everyday, you can submit one nomination per category. The team at Mashable will review the entries and shortlist to seven, and then it’s back in the hands of the public to vote for the winners.

We’ll be voting for the incredible teams we worked with at Showyou and Ness Computing in the most innovative app section, but the MB jury is still out on some of the other categories, that cover Tech, Business, Entertainment and Social Media.

So why should you vote for us? Well, we’d like to think the work speaks for itself… you can check out the Showyou case study here, and the Ness case study here. And if that’s not enough encouragement, the app currently storming the Best Branded App charts is Robbie Williams. Let’s not let that happen.

Head to the Mashable Awards website, login via Facebook or Twitter, and together, we can beat Robbie.