Showstudio Fashion Revolution

For anyone who knows there is a fantastic exhibition of their work at Sommerset House. Nick Knight launched Showstudio in 2000 and in less than 10 years managed to completely reinvent the fashion image and the way we experience it by exploiting modern technology and the web.

"When launched in 2000, the fashion world was most definetly not online. Today, there is a generation of young people whose entire fashion experience comes from the Internet, via live shows, on-the-spot collections reports, fashion film and e-commerce. These audiences number not thousands, but millions, all excitedly consuming fashion imagery, live and direct. In less than a decade, a revolution has taken place and I feel we have only just begun." Nick Knight

This is a must-see exhibition for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in Nick Knight’s fantastic style emporium, spray gigantic white manequins with colour, talk to a model on a telephone, watch plates of food being eaten from above or just watch Angelica Houston pose for a screen test.
It’s on at Sommerset House until 20 December.

Some taster pictures/films here