Showyou Evolved


“With the launch of our new Showyou Channel Platform, we also wanted to think about how we could evolve our identity to represent what Showyou was becoming—not just an app, but a modern video distribution platform. It was wonderful to work again with Moving Brands on this and to develop with them a new app icon that we love, that’s fun, and that communicates what we’re trying to do.”
– Mark Hall, Founder and CEO

Showyou recently challenged Moving Brands to reimagine their brand as part of the progression of the product offering. Originally responsible for the brand and design of 2012’s App Store “App of the Year,” Moving Brands has maintained a close relationship with Showyou, so when it came time to create a new symbol along with the launch of a slew of new features, Moving Brands was thrilled to be asked to refresh their original work. The result is a logo that tells the next chapter of the brand story and pays homage to the original symbol while staying decidedly on-brand.

The most notable change in the logo is the reduction of the original projector beam emanating from the eye to a solid red off-center play button. The chiclet has also been reworked, featuring a texture that combines Showyou’s grid with the SMPTE color bars that television stations use to test video signals. The changes highlight the app’s major new feature—the Showyou Channel Platform. “Sharing” has progressed into “publishing.” In essence, the viewer has become the broadcaster.

Moving Brands is excited to finally share this work with the world in conjunction with the launch of the new and improved app. It’s rare in this business to have the opportunity to evolve your own work. It speaks to the depth of our relationship with Showyou and the strength of the core brand story that we created together. We know Showyou will continue to grow and improve, and we’re thrilled to be their creative partner.

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