mark hall screenshot

So….there are now three blog posts in a row about Showyou, the video-sharing app that launched yesterday. In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re very proud to have been involved with the brand strategy and identity.

The tweet to the left is from Mark Hall, CEO of Vodpod (the makers of Showyou). If the teeny tiny letters in the screenshot are just too tough to read, Mark says “Can’t say enough great things about the awesome collaboration with Moving Brands team on Showyou. They’re amazing.”

Here’s a snippet from an email from Mark:
“In Moving Brands we found a fantastic creative partner for this project. The team at MB pushed us in directions we might not have explored on our own, and helped us to think in a more comprehensive way about how to marry the Showyou identity with the UI itself, and to make something at once distinctive, yet very usable and coherent. We’re thrilled with the resulting work that our collaboration with Moving Brands produced.”

Awwwwww. Stop it, Mark.