silicium rundkørsel*


In another notch to Silicon Roundabout’s widening belt of digital recognition, yesterday the area played host to visiting Danish journalists who have a specific interest in Augmented Reality and location-based services.

Alex at Designswarm had curated an action-packed afternoon for the group, which included studio visits and a brilliant line-up of speakers, including Georgina Voss, Pachube, Soundcloud, Darq, Wired, OpenIDEO and the London Met Uni.

Moving Brands was represented by Camilla, who headed down to talk about our Living Identity project and our thoughts on AR. Even though the project is now nearly two years old, it’s always fun demo-ing our “living” book to people. AR may still be struggling to find its useful place in the world, but the technology definitely has a magic about it.

We’re kicking ourselves that project deadlines meant we couldn’t join in the fun and frolics at Strongroom last night. Hope it was a good’un!

* We think this is how you say Silicon Roundabout in Danish. Blame Google Translate if we’re not even close.