Snowtime: Swiss ski and snow champs get personal

Moving Brands has worked closely with Swisscom since 2007, when we created their award-winning brand identity. During this year, we have helped them become the trusted partner for snow related activities in Switzerland.

As sponsors of the Swiss Ski Team, they wanted to provide the public with a more up-close and personal look into the lives of these incredible athletes. The result is ‘Snowtime,’ an 18 part interview series, where these world-class athletes talk about their sport, their life, and hints and tips for up the mountain.

The Moving Brands team headed to Switzerland to direct and film the episodes, which launched last week on Swisscom’s Facebook page and Snowfriends site ( The first episode shows Carlo Janka, the gold medalist ski alpine racer talking about “how to be cool.” Today’s episode stars Mike Schmid, the gold medal winning freestyle skier. Unfortunately if you do not speak German you may struggle to follow the dialogue – but the gorgeous Swiss scenery makes it worth checking out all the same.

The series has further interviews with Lara Gut, Iouri Podladtschikov, Simon Ammann and Dario Cologna, with a new episode going live every Monday.


  • Awasof (Igor Voloshin)

    I didn’t get it. If he is a freestyle skier, why he acts like slalom racer? And the video doen’t show the cool stuff about Freestyle and Ski-cross.

    May be there will be new episodes?

    p.s. my knowledge of german is zero!