Someone in the Floor and an Old Door


Today Moving Brands received rather a curious email regarding a character in the floor. No we don’t have skeletons in our closets or embedded in the concrete of our building. The email was from someone who is now based in New Zealand but once upon a time, long, long ago lived in a makeshift flat in the building that is now home to the London studio (and has been for nearly 13 years). The non-sinister character in the floor is an old Star Wars figurine of R2D2 encased in resin.

R2D2 has been spotted by a few MBlings over the years but has since been preserved under several layers of paint. However since receiving this email our curiosity has gotten the better of us and we’ve all been guilty of scanning the floor trying to guess his whereabouts. Particularly as Charlotte Road’s former resident kindly provided a treasure map and an image of the front door in its original state. It does raise the question of what we would leave as a modern relic if we were to do something similar. An iPad? It somehow lacks the same sort of sentiment. How things have changed.

Update: We have since been informed that the R2D2 figure is a 1977 original. The treasure hunt continues…


  • Claire

    At least the old door had a letterbox!

  • Dave Phillips

    Glad your having fun looking. Let us know if you find him. Dave- New Zealand