Studio Banana Lunch and Learn


Here at Moving Brands, we often invite people from other studios, disciplines or species (well, not quite that far) to come and give a talk. We get inspired as we chew on tasty snacks, and this is known as a Lunch and Learn. Last Friday we were delighted to welcome Key from Studio Banana who spoke to us about the studio and their practice.

Amongst the mix of projects shown were pieces of spatial design, moving image and a division of the studio succinctly described as ‘things’. One of these ‘things’ was a piece of ear jewellery which functions as a sound amplifier which was exhibited at MOMA. A lovely way to hear whispers while making the side of your face as enticing as an architectural wonder.

The most memorable of all these ‘things’ was the object of dreams, quite literally, the Ostrich Pillow. Key shared the story of this product’s conception, which came about after a heavy meal and a studio siesta. The impromptu usage of a jumper as a pillow created amusement, which turned into an idea, which turned into a prototype, which turned into a barrage of emails, a kickstarter and a new product in the world.

Conversation with team MB soon turned to discussing Studio Banana’s approach and fearlessness. Their studio has a great history of going into engagements with a unique viewpoint, and a tenacity to not let that viewpoint go. This has been perceived by their clients and the industry as ‘disruption’, but we consider it more as progress. Even the name of the studio itself comes from a short video they produced to explain that there is, in fact, a better way to peel a banana than the way us idiot humans usually do so.

Thanks again to Key and everyone at Studio Banana for a fantastic talk, and some great banana peeling insights.