Sweet treat of a film from ’57

We were pointed to this beautiful film by a friend of MB (thanks Hannah!). Filmed in 1957 in London, and made available online recently by British Pathe, it shows the process of rock candy being made. The colours, of-the-era voiceover (“Oh well, who cares about art anyway?”) and background track will transport you to a childhood of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fantasies.

Moving Brands recently created Mino Candy, based on an interactive digital installation. And despite this 21st century inspiration point, our film proves the candy-making process hasn’t changed much in the intervening 50+ years. Other than a little more regard for health and safety…

British Pathe is considered the world’s finest newsreel archive, and has just made its entire collection available to YouTube users. Despite the name, British Pathe was initially headquartered in France. The global films created by this film and production company number 85,000, and span from 1896 to 1976.

Say NO to Game of Thrones and immerse yourself instead in days gone by at the British Pathe YouTube channel.


  • Such incredible attention to detail, the type in that final shot is so clear.