Swisscom Enters the Ethisphere

Switzerland’s telecoms leader and ongoing client of Moving Brands, Swisscom have further proved themselves as genuinely respectable organisation by being ranked as one of The World’s Most Ethical Companies 2011 by the Ethisphere Institute.

The Institute is a research-based think tank that annually awards companies that have surpassed claims of ethical credentials and integrated them into all business operations. The number of awards can fluctuate or drop each year as they are intended to recognise companies that exemplary in their practice, particularly against competitors in their industry.

Criteria for the awards are strict and look at each company in depth. Further to this, companies are reviewed by leading attorneys, professors, government officials and many other professionals considered experts in the field of ethics. Swisscom was one of only 3 Telco’s to be awarded, proving that they are forward thinking and pro-active in their approach to business beyond that of their industry sector.

It is great to see Swisscom recognised for being a truly ethical and socially responsible company and an industry and world leader at that. Congrats!