Tech gets hooked on vit D


Both Apple and Google have announced massive unprecedented renewable energy deals in the past week. The projects confirm the tech giants’ commitment to fighting climate change – not just good for the world but also for their bank balances.

In the solar industry’s largest ever purchase of power to date, Apple announced plans to spend $850 million over the next 25 years to build a 1,300 acre solar farm. This will go some way to powering its new campus, Apple Campus 2, that aims to be completely self sustaining.

Within 48 hours, Google announced a deal to purchase wind power from a San Francisco turbine park for an undisclosed amount. Google has now invested $1.5 billion in renewable energy.

These latest deals by Apple and Google are of considerable size and ambition in comparison to signed contracts by other large tech companies like Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. They’re all looking to consolidate their ‘green credentials’, especially as high profile companies like Apple and Google are already paving the way.