The APP-rentice

Screen shot 2011-05-12 at 12.09.40 PM

Last night during The Apprentice, the parallels between reality show and real reality got achingly close. We’re currently in the Strategy and Definition phase of a new App brand – making calls on things like naming, messaging, tone of voice, and in-App navigation. While our friends in the industry raged on Twitter, we were dual-screening, battling similar issues such as “building buzz and getting downloads” and the critical nature of “punchy descriptions”.

We all know that The Apprentice is built for drama and laughs, and there is by no means any shame in barely grasping the fundamentals of App design and development. Nevertheless, there was no end of guilty pleasure in watching the suited hopefuls explain how the App would be “free, 24 hours a day” while presenting their ideas on static boards. But then, if even Slangatang can get a shout out on TechCrunch, us “Twittering Technologists” will need to keep our smartphones close to our chest!

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