The Apple Car is upon us

Apple Car 1

The Guardian revealed that Apple is scouting for locations to test a self-driving car, and it seems to be far more developed than anyone had anticipated. The rumour mill has been cranking about the prospect of an Apple car since early February when vans, outfitted with cameras and leased by Apple, were seen driving around the Bay Area. Unfounded speculation suggested Apple might be developing an answer to Google Street View, or that they were driverless vans.

A few days later, an Apple employee emailed Business Insider to tell them about a “vehicle development” that “will change the landscape and give Tesla a run for its money”. With more digging and speculation, in mid- February, the Wall Street Journal confirmed that Apple was indeed working on an electric car with the code name: Project Titan.

Headed by Steve Zadesky, VP of Product Design, there are reportedly hundreds of employees working on Project Titan, including former Mercedes-Benz R&D exec Johann Jungwirth; former Tesla engineers, David Nelson and John Ireland; and a number of engineers from GM, Ford, and of course, Tesla.

The latest news came from The Guardian, which was the first real(ish) confirmation — with documented evidence — that Project Titan is in fact, a driverless car.

It’s too early to gauge how this will shape Apple’s business, its product suite, or the automotive industry. Cue more speculation.

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