The biggest cloud in the sky


Microsoft has announced more details on its Azure cloud service, positioned to compete with the likes of Amazon on Google. This week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella introduced new tools and partnerships for Azure, positioning it as the go-to cloud service for the enterprise market.

The main takeout from the talk was the emphasis on scale. We’re not talking big, we’re talking DOUBLE JUMBO JET HYPER SCALE, which its rivals cannot even begin to contend with. The presentation implied Microsoft is the only business with the money, reach and existing client base to do this cloud thing right. With Azure now storing 30 trillion objects, powered by 11.4 million servers, we’re beginning to believe them. They also announced a new open approach to partnerships, in order to deliver what the customer needs. One slide expressed Microsoft’s undying love for Linux –heart icon and all. This is a bold move for the company; previous CEO Steve Ballmer called Linux “a cancer.”

Nadella also demonstrated just how much this hyper scale can achieve: Microsoft will offer its cloud computing service for free to assist in worldwide Ebola research. This will enable research groups to access large sets of data, otherwise not possible using small and local networks.

It’s not all hyper scale and life saving research, though, as Nadella got into hot water recently after saying women shouldn’t ask for raises, and should rely on “karma” to push them forwards. He later retracted his statement – but maybe lady “karma” is looking down fondly on him, as news emerges that his MS pay package is a cool $84 million.