The Brilliant Design Lecture

a109_cutout-rentadogYesterday a few MBers headed to The Brilliant Design Lecture, drawn by the the promise of a celebration of ‘the magic of creativity’. Unfortunately, Troika had to pull out due to illness, but we were left with talks from Miss Cakehead (the victoria sponge iced brains behind the recent ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ a gruesome cake shop installed in East London over Halloween weekend), jellymongers and all-round food enthusiasts Bompas and Parr (who brought a gin infused jelly…sitting right at the front has never paid off so much before).

The delight of the evening was Tim Hunkin, an engineer and cartoonist. Hunkin has created his own arcade on Southwold pier, with games he has invented and engineered himself. Favorites were ‘AutoFrisk’ where rubber hands poke and prod you inappropriately and ‘Rent-a-Dog’ which is a treadmill with screens for both you and a mechanical dog, so you feel like you’re going for walkies. See the full list of arcade machines here or watch Hunkin talk about them and the history of slot machines here and then work out how you’re going to get there as soon as possible here

The Brilliant Design Lecture was hosted by Mother, as part of Internet Week Europe. See the other events at