The cloud goes hyper-colour with CX

We’ve just released the case study of our work with CX, a cloud storage company based in San Francisco.

After working with some of the Silicon Valley’s brightest shining start-ups, like Ness, Showyou and Flipboard, MB were well placed to respond to CX’s initial brief: to define the UX and UI of the web, mobile and ipad apps, and website.

The brief morphed into a full-scale brand strategy and identity project, first re-naming the organization, then re-defining the core product offer, before developing the identity and designing the web and app experiences, as well as several other ‘real-world’ brand touchpoints.

The result is a vivid, punchy identity system that instills character to the intangibility of ‘the cloud’ and differentiates CX from their numerous competitors. The CX Journey Film shows this process in all its eye-popping-colour-palette glory.

Conviction and transparency in our work is critical, and by opening up our process to the world though our case studies and films, we are rewarded by reciprocal honesty from all over the world. Since launching the case study yesterday, there have been loads of responses; some positive, some passionate, some hilarious.

BP&O blogged, “The result is a far more people-centric and tangible repackaging of a predominantly invisible commodity that compared to the stark functionality and interfaces of its competitors should have broader appeal.”

The team at Brand New echoed these sentiments, saying, “The new logo is a great revolution of the identity from something shy and generic to something full of personality and confidence; the texturing in some of the supporting graphics, look, for lack of a more dignified and serious critique, pretty darn cool.”

The candid responses on the Brand New blog had us clutching our sides with laughter (whilst reaching for the candy jar); “Is there anyone over 18 working at Moving Brands? Looks like a kid’s show. I just want to feed it marshmallows to make it go away.” And this imaginative, if not politically correct comment; “It seems like they were searching for colors that are so strong they are almost off the CMYK chart and in such weird combination that they can kill an epileptic.” Ouch.

Recently we’ve been using Storify to track the responses to some of our work and events. Check out the CX Campaign story for all the feedback – and for more gems like this one, “Moving Brands just made my eyes have an orgasm all over my brain.”

Check out the work, and as always, ALL your comments are welcome.


  • Carlos

    Kinilabutan ako. (Tagalog, dialect in the Philippines)

    (“I got shivers” when watching this video :D) The attention to detail is amazing. =) Great, inspiring work!