The fall of lol


Facebook released a very important study in which it correlated anonymous user posts from the month of May and analysed them for instances of laughter. Key findings were as follows:

15% of statuses included some form of laughter
52% of people used ‘haha’
33% of people used emojis to laugh
1.9% of people use ‘lol’

It seems like just yesterday we were all lamenting (and giving into) the acronym that swept the universe. No one wanted to use it, yet slowly but surely, it crept into our texts, emails, and suddenly, it started falling out of our mouths… the horror.

The Facebook study indicates that the remaining lol-ers are older, while the younger generations prefer to use ‘haha’ or emojis, perhaps rejecting ‘lol’ due to its association with the ancients (and especially that weird aunt who keeps sending Farmville requests).

MBNY’s Kristin Macke conducted some field research of her own to test the theory. The subjects – her 15 and 16-year-old sisters.

“They both let me know that no one says ‘lol’ anymore. But then I dug through our group text and discovered that (plot twist!) one of them said ‘lol’. When confronted with this evidence, she said that she only uses it sarcastically, saying “when sh*t’s not funny, I use it.”

This originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20150812

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