The international women’s day in Tech City event

Last Friday MB was one of many creatives showcasing work at Poke’s the International Women’s Day in Tech City event. A meet-up to recognise and celebrate women working in the industry in and around East London. The work represented varied between ‘products, services, businesses, ideas, toys, games and websites’.

We all had our own table space and our job was to demonstrate our work and invite the visitors to a conversation. We brought a pile of print material (which felt out of place) as well as our latest innovation projects.

On a rare stroll from the table, we saw bananas used as keyboard keys and social science essays being explained by using toys.

We meet with Made by many, who told us about their project Skype in the Classroom. It provides a social platform where students can connect with people they would probably never meet otherwise. This includes a classroom on the other side of the world, a beekeeper or a NASA astronaut. We really like how the project opens up so many other possible Skype hook-ups. For example, it could be used to connect lonely elderly people, or bridge the gap between online-dating going offline.

This is my jam, in turn, showcased their online platform where you can share your favourite song of the moment e.g. only one track at the time. We found this interesting, because it further establishes the trend of momentary digital services. It reminded us of Snapchat, the new social platform for young people, where your uploaded image self-destructs seconds after it’s opened.

Another contributor was Pollie Barden, who demonstrated a tabletop version of her tagging game Firefly. It has the players wearing LED badges with a flashing light. The badge can be stolen when the light goes off and the winner is the person who can steal the most badges from other players. We liked how the game used technology to support and invite physical social interaction between different people, proving that technology doesn’t have to isolate its users.

The event truly succeeded in getting people involved, with the room buzzing with conversations and positivity. This was particularly exciting as there was such a wide range of contributors – from established companies like Open IDEO to phd students.

Thanks again to Poke for having us and for organising such a great, engaging event!