The iPad – round up

And so the iPad has launched and the internet is awash with news items, blogs, tweets, user photos and videos, lovers, haters, iPad hash tags and comic observations. For those who are Pro the Pad, the majority view is that the device looks fantastic, works like a dream and is well priced. For the “iMeh”s, however, Jobs has come under criticism over the fact that there is no camera, you can’t multitask and it doesn’t support Flash. As ‘Hitler’ comments in the immediately viral video currently doing the rounds, “I wanted to watch videos of LOL Cats while laying on the couch!”. The iPad is maybe not going to redefine the market the way iPhone and iTunes did, but perhaps like the iPod, the evolution of the device is what will be the most interesting. We’re watching this space and waiting for the UK launch!


  • Dragos

    So will you buy one? 😀

    • Camilla Grey

      But of course!

  • Dragos

    Great, me too!