The Makers

This weekend’s Maker Faire was a pleasantly surprising event. According to Wikipedia, Maker Faire is “an event created by Make Magazine to ‘celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset”. Cue the crafty nerds and eccentrics, right? Yes, but beyond all that these are my highlights from the event:

In the Google area there was a child-sized robot that gave hugs. They also had tiny android toys doing the Macarena controlled with a tablet (second photo). There were sound responsive projects like our Kef installation, Kinect hacks, and installations responsive to touch. There were people who made their own musical instruments, and built their own R2D2s. The gift shop was filled with various Arduino kits and parts for people to start making on their own. At one point I was speaking to a 12-year old (at his own booth) who made apps.

I was genuinely impressed by the amount of people driven to create and make things with no motivation beyond that. Sometimes its easy to forget about experimentation and creating, and the Maker Faire was a great reminder to just keep doing.