The sun has got his app on


Finally it seems the spell has broken and our proper British summer is in full swing once more. Many MB-ers have returned from their weekends today a little rosy on the cheeks and shoulders, while others have abandoned us all together and jetted off somewhere hot on holiday. However you get your sun kicks, we suggest you check out Sun Safe – a simple yet potentially skin saving app from Matt Sephton. Matt is the brains behind the Moving Brands website and, though he now lives in Cornwall, an important part of the MB extended family. The Sun Safe app gets the UV index for your location and combines it with your sun screen factor to calculate how long you’re safe in the sun. The app is sponsored by a leading skin cancer charity and was #1 in Isreal’s App Store Lifestyle chart earlier this month, so you can slowly roast in Hoxton Square without worrying! You can also check more of Matt’s app’s here.