The Who’s Who on Facebook


Just a little weekend posting to tell you about my and Lisa’s trip to see The Social Network last night at the Metreon in San Francisco. Being the 8pm showing on opening night, the audience was made up of the who’s who of the SF tech scene. Cheers went up during particularly gripping coding scenes, woops were let out at the mention of certain names, and the buzz on Twitter was that there was a Facebook co-founder in the audience. Incidentally, I managed to catch Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance on Oprah last week where he announced his $100 million grant to to the schools of Newark, New Jersey and addressed the inaccuracies of the movie. The awkward, lingering hug he gave Oprah suddenly made clear by The Social Network’s quip that Mark is not “a hugger”.

The Social Network certainly has its flaws and the depiction of women left me a little uncomfortable, but it spun a gripping, gritty story of ambition and creativity. I saw Pixar’s Toy Story 3 at the Metreon in the Summer – another home grown project – and it makes you realize what a city of bright, visionary “do-ers” SF really is.


  • James Bull

    Was the film good? I’m interested as when I first heard about it I just thought “that sounds like a very bad film”, but I’ve changed my mind without watching it yet… so good or not?