Throw Lily in the air like you just don’t care


Lily is the new camera, currently at pre-order stage, taking narcissism to new heights. It’s not just any camera – it’s essentially a drone that follows you. By using the GPS tracker and the app, Lily can get up to speeds of 25mph, as well as fly 30m away from, and 15m above the user. What’s really nice is that all you have to do start filming is throw Lily in the air.

With these stats it’s clear that one of Lily’s primary uses will be for sport. If athletes can film themselves from any angle with ease, it’s a no-brainer staple in training regimes.

Lily feels like a natural progression after the advent of GoPro and the selfie stick. These gadgets (along with Graava, the self-editing camera that we wrote about earlier this month) mean that now anyone can be the star in their very own Truman Show. Well, if you’re willing to shell out $699 for the kit.

Image credit: Sarah Burgess

This originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20150826

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