Tilt n’ scroll


With somewhat of a theatrical flourish last night, Samsung unveiled their much hyped latest handset; the Galaxy S4. There are some interesting new features that you can read more about here, and at MB we have been excited to draw some parallels with one of our earlier projects.

The new smart phone, which analysts claim stands to pose a real threat to Apple’s hold over the market, is offering the “smart scroll and smart pause” feature. Utilising the handset’s facing cameras, the Galaxy S4 monitors eye movements and reacts in kind; looking away from the phone will pause content whilst tilting and looking at the screen will scroll pages. This functionality is not unlike our own undertaking, the Living Identity® Book, in which we created an innovative ‘living’ cover using augmented reality technology. Similarly to the new Samsung offering, the Living Identity® Book uses motions (flicking from left to right and tilting up and down) to scroll and navigate, bringing print to life by creating an immersive experience for the user.


We are always excited to see innovation make the move to mainstream, and will be very interested to see how this is taken up by the general public. So much so, we thought it only right to offer a few lucky MB followers the chance to experience it for themselves. To win one of a limited number of our Living Identity® Book, just tweet to @movingbrands before 5pm, we’ll do the rest.
Happy tweeting!