Time flies


So, six weeks is up. Time to sadly pack my bags and say farewell to London and to the Moving Brands Team.

Being asked to sum up your time is always a hard task to do justice, yet I’m finding it particularly hard on this occasion. Not because I haven’t got anything to say, quite the contrary.

From day one I have had a real sense of “all in this together”, sure people have job titles, but titles get lost among the creativity and innovation coming from all over. A melding of minds and ideas, so ultimately I was really in at the deep end. Its what I was promised and what I got, loved it.

After a few days of looking like a lost puppy I jumped in. Its what got me the job initially and what has kept me learning throughout; that and some quick vital lessons in the complexities of expenses, timetables, Social media and scalpel cutting, (Many thanks to Joe, Vicky and Zaid for expenses. Kat, Courtney and Sarah for timetabling and client based lessons, Social Media Camilla and George and Ellen and Marija for preventing me from losing a finger), That’s not doing justice to all the people that have helped me, thanks to you. Ultimately a real sense of community and teamwork is what I have experienced and what I won’t be forgetting, as it seems to be the key to Moving Brands success.

Any advice for Graduates or potential interns? Never forget that a person is reading your email, not a faceless intimidating corporation. Sure they may work for a grand, global company but showing interest, initiative and research is the way to get a moment of their time rather than falling at the first.