Time for the Watch



The day has come. After months (years?) of speculation, the shiny timepiece finally went on sale. They sold out in an impressive 30 minutes, with reports estimating that pre-orders hit the 1 million mark on the first day alone – most of which were for the less expensive Sports Line edition.

Along with the new product, Apple has plans for new ways to sell it. In a leaked memo from Angela Ahrendts, employees were introduced to a new ‘mindset’. As Ahrendts puts it, “the best way to get in line is online”, as the Watch will not be directly sold from stores.

The system means there will be no queues outside the stores on opening day. This may seem a blow to the Apple publicity machine, but with stories of grey market resales and low-wage or homeless people being paid to wait in line for other recent product launches, it’s not the type of publicity a high-fashion brand wants to court. The effect is already apparent, as the first eBay listings are failing to attract much interest.

If you are interested in checking one out for yourself, you must first book an appointment in your local Apple Store. Normal store visitors will not be able to get their non-appointed mitts on the Watches, which will be stored under glass cabinets.

These new methods of selling mean it’s less easy to window shop and try before you buy, perhaps ignoring audiences who could become enamoured with the object after a physical encounter. Reports into the sales figures also show that most orders are for the larger wrist size, a possible indication that they haven’t connected with the delicately wristed female fashion demographic they were aiming for.

This list originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20150415

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