To our wonderful #MB30K visitors


After eight years in the Twittersphere we hit the 30,000 follower mark, and as a thank you to all of our followers – both old and new – we wanted to celebrate by getting to know them a little better. After tweeting @movingbrands with the nifty hashtag #MB30K, five randomly selected followers were offered an ‘ask anything’ session with one of our experts, in any of our four studios.

After a flurry of responses we had our five official #MB30K visitors – @hafedhbucheery, @AdeMills, @stewartainslie, @Logo_Geek and @SimonWindsock. Five different visitors, with different backgrounds, questions and experience, living as far flung as Spain and Qatar.
We matched our visitors with the MBers best able to answer their questions; this included CEO Mat Heinl, Global Operations Director Paul Martin, and Creative Directors, Terry Stephens and Andy Harvey in our London Studio. Hopping across the pond in our New York studio this included Design Director Jonny Naismith and Senior Interaction Designer Daniel Soltis and Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder Jim Bull in San Francisco.

So what went down in the sessions? We played a game of customised MB cards, shared top secret work and R&D projects still in development, gave our advice on pitching, presenting and growth, and shared a few beers. Although we saw #MB30K as our chance to give back, we gained far more than we had hoped. After being asked some challenging questions about our approach, culture and perspective on the industry, we gained a real insight into the challenges facing some talented and ambitious creatives, as well as the perceptions that exist about us as a business.

Thank you to all for taking the time to call us, or travelling far and wide to visit us, we really appreciate your interest and also your lovely tweets. And thank you to everyone that tweeted us hoping to take part – hopefully it’s your handle that’s drawn next time!

To get a taste of how one of the sessions went see a great write up Stewart Ainslie put together following his chat with Andy Harvey.

We’ve sent a little something in the post to each of the #MB30K five…here’s a sneak peak of the personalised illustrated gif we made and the MB gift we created.

Thank you to all that took part – here’s to the next 30,000!

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