Topline from Design Symposium North


I had a great time at Design Symposium North. There was around 200 people in attendance from design, graphic design, digital, branding and advertising (the usual silos) – designer and client facing people alike – also lots of students.

All was held at the John Moores University Art and Design Academy in Liverpool (a great building built about 2 years ago that nestles up against the amazingly odd ‘Metropolitan Cathedral’ designed by the architect Sir Frederick Gibberd.

Adrian Shaughnessy‘s talk was real good. As well as publishing books and being a designer, he also broadcasts a radio show called “graphic design on the radio” – I wasn’t aware of it before – here is a link.

It was interesting how different he and I were in our approach, but there were of course many areas where we agreed too – artistry, craft of design is king, that digital and touchscreen was where design would grow, twitter etc etc. He is super-well-informed and well read (another big contrast!) He also wanted students and new people in the business to recognize the power of being able to articulate and communicate your design – I agree, skill is one thing – being able to say it is skillful is another (and very important) thing.

Overall, our work went down well, there were lots of questions and I met some great people. Already looking forward to next year!