UAL : of the Arts

The recent release of Pentagram’s new UAL visual identity has given us a chance to reflect on the brand strategy work we developed with the UAL last year.

The success of the strategic work relied on reflecting the voices and opinions of everyone at UAL, from the students to the deans. Through a series of in-depth workshops with each college, we got deep insight into the characteristics that makes them unique – their histories, specialisms, alumni and geographic locations.

In all our dealings with UAL, at all levels, an infectious theme of fearlessness prevailed. From inspiring their students to take creative risks, to making brave leaps into the future of the Arts, we recognised the importance of this trait and built it into the core of their strategy. As a single entity, UAL offers a transformative, ever-evolving creative collective.

But their influence stretches far beyond the corridors of the UAL colleges. As we posted on our site last year, the UAL’s “potential as an organization is huge, as is their power to influence the creative community both here in the UK and internationally.”

We defined a brand narrative to reflect who they are and their role in this community : ‘of the Arts.’

You can see an excerpt from our strategy document in the image to the left, and we look forward to sharing more of the process in an upcoming case study.