US gets caught-up in Obama Net


A few months after John Oliver’s rallying cry to raise awareness of net neutrality, Barack Obama has released a video addressing the situation and coming out all guns blazing in support of the Internet being a free and equal platform for everyone. He’s changed his tune somewhat since Oliver pointed out he golfed with the CEO of Comcast (one of the leading villains in the destruction of net neutrality) and had hired Tom Wheeler (a former lobbyist for cable companies) as the head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the body in charge of making the final decision.

The cynics among us might say his support comes a little too late (or note that it’s suspiciously close to election time). He’s obviously been met with some resistance, mainly from Ted Cruz, a Republican presidential hopeful, who coincidentally took party donations from Comcast. Cruz has dubbed it the ‘Obamacare of the Internet’ – via Twitter, ironically.

In more ‘locking down the Internet’ news, an appeal has been made to the Supreme Court concerning their Oracle API ruling – which set a precedent for businesses to claim copyright on APIs.

At the end of his video address, Obama pledged to continue fighting the cable companies while he’s the President. Regardless of the next US election results, that isn’t for too much longer – casting the future of net neutrality into doubt.