ustwo do it again


Our mates at ustwo have been busy busy busy!

Fresh out of the ustwo studio is the new app Happy Snapper.

The concept is simple: choose from a selection of editable stickers, take a picture, then slap a sticker on it. As with a lot of ustwo apps, this is bizarrely addictive, especially when I realised you can slap stickers on all the existing photos in your camera roll…

They have also just launched a new art pack for Granimator, curated by Gavin Lucas at Creative Review. Gavin talks about the project and the talented artists involved (McBess, Dave Henckel, Chris Gray, Matthew the Horse and Rob Bailey) in this lovely CR post.

Moving Brands were one of the first to launch an art pack for Granimator, using the assets designed as part of our co-creation project, Weare.

Congrats to the boys for cranking out more of their groundbreaking apps!