Vice attempts to talk broadly for women


Broadly is a new website and digital video channel created by women, for women, dealing with all issues on women. However, its gatekeeper is Vice, a heavily male dominated space, beloved by young men, with content mostly geared towards men. You can see why early reports on the site have voiced some confusion.

Broadly covers topics like sex, drugs, politics, and culture (plus horoscopes). Along with articles and interviews, It will feature series such as Ovary Action, Broadly Meets, Style and Error, along with documentaries like Gangs and Land of No Men. Its aim is to create conversations, rather than reacting and commenting on issues that are already in place. A key distinction between Broadly and other popular female-interest sites such as Jezebel, Hairpin and HelloGiggles is that comments are unavailable.

While Broadly seems interesting and robust, we wonder what positive change will come from the website when you alienate half of the human population. Strictly from the interview with Tracie Egan Morrissey, Broadly’s Editor-in-Chief, the magazine seems to be relying on the binary opposition of the male to define it as being all about women. We’d also suggest that, if these stories are as edgy, educational and confrontational as other Vice stories, why not just publish them on Vice?


This originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20150805

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