We can show you Showyou!

MB’s resident twitter fiend Camilla is drunk on RT’s. Why you may ask?

Well, the new Showyou app launched today and it is creating quite a buzz on twitter. And we’re incredibly proud to have worked with the guys at Showyou on the brand strategy and identity.

Showyou, the immersive social video app, is currently being touted as the ‘Flipboard for videos.’  Built for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and TV (via AirPlay), it enables users to comment on and see videos their friends are sharing across Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Vodpod and other services, all in one place.

We promised in our post yesterday it wasn’t just us that was all excited about Showyou – here are a selection of tweets from the last couple of hours:
“@showyouapp is definitely the killer video app for the ipad. Get it now at showyou.com”

“It’s different than Flipboard in that it has its own built-in social network, like Instagram, and it’s different from Instagram in that it has the Flipboard-like ability to discover outside [one’s] current feeds,”

“Got @showyouapp for iPad and it’s pretty snazzy. Times like these when I think the future is not in front of us, it’s standing right beside.”

“ShowYou is the app that will drive every iPad owner to get an Apple TV”

“Now that more people are using @showyouapp, talk about addicting! Could easily spend hours clicking through videos…”

Buy the app now on iTunes, and for more info and images head to the case study over on our work section. We’d love to hear your feedback, and thanks for all the lovely tweets we’ve already had roll in!