We’ve been wearing technology for centuries


To say that our clothes should be wrinkle free, move as we move while holding shape, and be comfortable, is stating the obvious. New and improved textile technology has ensured that as we evolve, so do our clothes. Far from a recent phenomenon, this is an evolution that began as early as the Industrial Revolution. However, it’s picking up the pace. This year, San Francisco hosted its first Silicon Valley Fashion Week, where we saw a bike helmet with built-in headlights, a smart sports bra from Sensilk and trousers that drum. Yes, drum.

Dolly Singh, a former recruiter at SpaceX in Los Angeles, has assembled some of the best former astronauts and rocket scientists to solve the biggest issue with high heels: they hurt your feet. European designer Silvia Fado is also working on creating heels that absorb shock the same way sneakers do. Designers have begun to analyse ‘performance’ materials, which was once reserved for active, physical activity to become apparel that can be worn to the office as easily as it is to the gym, taking business casual to higher levels.

This originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20150617 

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