What do you sound like?

Yesterday we were very excited to welcome Pitch&Sync to the studio for a “Lunch and Learn”.

P+S use music and the creativity that surrounds it to deliver credible content and compelling marketing campaigns for brands. They talked to us about how they develop strong relationships with music artists (such as The Streets, Paolo Nutini, and The Bees) and pair them with brands (Reebok, Cadbury’s and M&S).

With “musical utopia” as their goal, P+S bridge the gap between music and advertising by thinking strategically from the outset. With the talent brought in early on, they align objectives and let the artist drive the campaign.

Us lot at MB really had our eyes opened by this uber-sophisticated approach to sonic branding and the value that sound design can bring to moving image. Big thanks to boys for coming in… I wonder what our musical match would be?