What’s so grand about opera?

Opera Anna Nicole Premieres at London's Royal Opera House

As The Royal Opera House stages more performances of ‘Anna Nicole’ (that rare thing: a new opera which is also a smash hit), Moving Brands’ senior copywriter Philip Browning asks ‘What’s so grand about opera?’

There’s something unfeasible about opera. Its scale and cost are excessive, as are its demands on all of its practitioners – music, singing, acting, staging and design have to work together seamlessly. It requires meticulous planning and complex technical execution, often by hundreds of people.

So why do audiences go to something that seems so unlikely to go right? Because when great music is combined with great drama, it gets under our skins. We sit together, often in a vast theatre, in the company of strangers, and share emotional and transformative experiences that range from warm wave to cold sweat. When everything works in opera, no art form is more captivating or more thrilling.