Why do we come to the studio every day?


MB’s senior copywriter Philip Browning asks the overwhelming question that crosses all our minds…

Why do we come to the studio every day?

To work
to laugh
to learn to try
and fail better
to try and succeed in making things.

Making things different
making things change
making things happen

By unearthing and unlocking
immersing and rehearsing
and inciting the pearl out of provocation.

Hating the well-worn path to blah-blah
loving the mess on the road to immaculate
rejecting the cut-corner cliché
and the bland-at-hand

In the preparation, iteration and culmination
of daring to astonish
and then asking ‘what’s next?’


  • Rosanna

    Thank you Philip! Here’s a little film that shows the creative mind at work even outside of the studio walls. http://vimeo.com/90208216

    • Philip Browning

      Thanks for sharing, Rosanna. As is so often the case, this film demonstrates how sophisticated we all are visually. My little piece of nonsense was an attempt to express in words the same kind of fast-cut sizzle. I’ll be giving a Lunch & Learn about raising the bar in word-creativity (and when it’s appropriate to do so). I’ll let you know the date.

  • Felix

    Brilliance Philip – a modern day Percy Bysshe Shelley. This has the same feel as Robin Williams ‘what will your verse be?’ speech in Dead Poets Society too. Love it.

    • Philip Browning

      For a stomach-turning moment there I thought you’d said ‘Robbie Williams’. Happy to accept the ‘Captain, my Captain’ reference and very pleased you enjoyed it.

  • Cheryl

    What a lovely poem Philip. It not only applies to an idealistic professional life, but also to the living process we go through within ourselves as humans. I identify.