Wikipedia and The Overhaul


Viewpoint magazine recently invited Moving Brands to take part in its “The Overhaul” feature- a hypothetical redesign of a global brand that gives agencies opportunity to showcase creative processes and thinking. After some consideration over a couple of organisations- Wikipedia, which is a true Moving World brand seemed the natural choice. As a community based, not-for-profit organisation that stoically stands by its belief in access to free information, the idea of a rebrand presented an intriguing challenge to Moving Brands.

Wikipedia is a ubiquitous, global organisation that has a great offering and yet most people use it as a quick reference and have little or no relationship with the brand. On the flipside, it has a comparatively small but fiercely loyal community of editors and contributors. This loyal community and the wealth of knowledge it could communicate, and how it could better distribute it was the challenge that faced Moving Brands. At the heart of Wikipedia exists a beautiful story and opportunity that needs to be expressed. The Overhaul gave Moving Brands the opportunity to consider and address this with input from all four locations of the MB studio. The final outcome resulted in a “living mark” that denotes the content on each topic across Wikimedia’s nine sister sites (of which Wikipedia is part of). A more detailed description of the work can be found in the Work section of this site and in the latest issue of Viewpoint.

The Wikipedia rebrand project was something that I was lucky enough to be involved in whilst working here as an intern. The experience gave me insight to the dynamic of the Moving Brands team, the skills that each member has to offer and also my own potential. More importantly it highlighted how the agency approaches a brief strategically and creatively, essentially the premise of The Overhaul feature. The series I think is a really worthwhile exercise for the agencies involved and for those who read it as it gives a bit more depth and insight into the creative work carried out in the industry. Granted the process is massively simplified when working with a “hypothetical” client, however it is refreshing to move the conversation away from the politics and over to the creative side for a while. The latest issue of Viewpoint will be available to buy over the next week, so pick up a copy and see for yourself.