Wired: app store saviours

Hip hooray for Wired magazine. They’re as frustrated with the lack of navigability of the App store as the rest of us, but instead of whingeing, they’re doing something about it.

Joe Lindsey, a Wired contributor has said, “If the App Store were a real store, it would resemble Walmart at roughly 10 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving — an apocalyptic mess of children’s clothing, Zhu Zhu Pets, and cheap Blu-ray players.” A hell on earth not even Mary Portas would battle with. So Wired have taken it upon themselves to help us out, by releasing monthly reviews, as well as a print and online guide of their top 400 apps.

So far, they’ve only released their thoughts on apps in the Social and Gaming categories, and it’s a lineup of the usual suspects; Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds, Tumblr. BUT, we were very excited to see Showyou listed in the top 25 Social apps. We worked with the Showyou founders on the strategy, brand identity, chiclet, UI templates, animations and merchandise for the app (case study here). Described at launch as ‘the flipboard for videos,’ it has proven itself to be a truly useful app with enduring appeal.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the Wired app list stacks up against the Mashable Awards nominees. Speaking of which, don’t forget to vote! Head along to the Mashable Awards site to vote for Showyou, or MB’s other favourite app Ness, in the Best Branded App category.