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The week’s biggest stories in the world of tech, creativity and business.

Is global mobile payment functionality almost here, courtesy of  Apple, Visa and Mastercard? 

Radiohead’s PolyFauna app gets updated with new music and visuals.

Google is building quantum processors 

Why are the pages of journalists and activists in Vietnam being removed from Facebook? 

Google drops all authorship functionality for search results

Startup Manifesto: 24 ways the next government can make Britain a world leader in digital innovation

Emojli, the emoji only app, has launched 

Robot labour is coming. Can Marxist theory help us work out if that’s a good thing?

Because who doesn’t love shiny ‘the world’s so connected’ infographics?

Will airline security checks take even longer in order to ban idiots from flying? 

Pushbullet looks like a nice connectivity tool

Miu Miu and Miranda July launch a messaging app which lets you deliver other peoples messages verbally. Ok. Its sounds silly. But it’s super great and has been launched with this lovely film

This list originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20140903

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