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The week’s biggest stories in the world of tech, creativity and business. 

Remember those dog-eared school textbooks? This is what’s replacing them.

If you want to see how the world will look in just a few years, go to Disneyland.

UK Parliament lets Cameron know that banning Tor is unacceptable and impossible.

A new fitness apps tells it to you straight – you’re not actually tired, so keep running.

Congestion charge saves money and more importantly, lives.

Tasty treats for the green-fingered. Print and grow ‘edible gardens’.

Human URL weighs in on the ethics of 3D printing humans’.

Game of Thrones Season 5 will air worldwide, simultaneously, every week.

Gigaom shuts down all operations.

Text like Drake.

Put on your headphones and take a trip through New York in 3D binaural audio.

Eyewitness: Cruise Ships.


Hansel and Derek are so hot right now, again.

Kanye does the dance about nothing.

The best possible use of Pintrest.

This list originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20150311 

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