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The week’s biggest stories in the world of tech, creativity and business.


100 Million iPhones hacked in China, by China

Netflix plans to take on Cinemas

Our favourite chimp has a cool new tool – Mailchimp Snap

Dr. Who teaches kids to code

Internet trolls could get two years jail time

Phoenix wants to set Swift free 

Data visualisation by Information is Beautiful for BBC Earth’s new site

Silicon Valley has a fashion problem

FKA Twigs for Google Glass (maybe even weirder than you’re expecting)

How do people get new ideas?

The latest update to Google search will affect how people watch movies online

Sean Parker builds an app for the Coastal Commission – as a penalty for his ludicrously forest-unfriendly wedding

The IoT device that knows there’s no place like home

LOLS wears his heart on his sleeve

i dint say yoo are a bidsh

dog is now officially a verb



This list originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20141022

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