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The week’s biggest stories in the world of tech, creativity and business.

Is Marcel Duchamp’s urinal art? Yes. Is it stolen? Maybe

Christian Bale dropped out of the Steve Jobs biopic. Alternative? Our money’s on Meryl Streep

An in-depth write up about making ‘Financier’, the FT’s new typeface

Undercover baby penguin robots. Cute or terrifying?

Taylor Swift removes all her albums from Spotify, shaking off criticism

A practical archive on surviving without technology after the apocalypse

Macy’s gets a makeover on 34th street, as internet retailers continue snapping

Patagonia’s beautiful new animation about responsibly-sourced down

Maths reveals why hipsters all look the same

iBeacons give faster access to hotdogs and beer

Making a Grandmaster – the $2.7m watch from Patek Phillipe

Bringing new meaning to uprooted

One World Trade Centre opens – is it the best it could be? 

Honda makes a beautiful double-sided story



Harry Potter drops the mic.


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