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The week’s biggest stories in the world of tech, creativity and business.

First Twitter and now the weather. Chinese government censors information on air pollution.

Graphic novels on the big screen! Madefire moves to TV on Google’s Nexus Player.

Stephen Fry quits Twitter.

Elon hints at plans for Space X micro-satellites.

Gap makes what is possibly the best ad for a sweater, ever.

Taylor Swift missed out on $6 million, according to the CEO of Spotify.

Faster, higher, stronger – visualising the movements of Olympians.

Shingy is AOL’s (hilarious) ‘Digital Prophet’, “watching the future take shape across the vast online landscape”.

It finally looks as good as it smells. KFC gets a makeover.

Language is changing. English 3.0 is here.

F – see me: Next Web’s roundup of website grading resources.

Photo of Eiffel Tower in the day? Fine. Photo of Eiffel Tower at night? Infringing copyright!

A veggie burger that bleeds like meat. Mmm…sounds terrifying…



“Hey DDB. Remember that Netflix ad where something funny happened? Me neither.”


This list originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20141112

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