Be part of the digital storytelling revolution

At the turn of the millennium, creating a ‘digital-first’ brand was unheard of. The founders of Moving Brands used this to their advantage; they partnered with the big boys of the branding world to transform a beautiful logo on a letterhead, into something useful for the screen.

A decade later, clients began to understand that a brand needs to work on-screen as well as on a business card. These days, we spend even less time explaining why digital applications shouldn’t be treated as an after-thought. Finally, digital-first is understood – by many – if not by most.

So MB Founder and Chairman Ben looked to a new industry to shake up – the world of comics – launching Madefire in 2012. Since launch, we’ve covered Madefire’s successful funding rounds, launches and partnerships, celebrating as some of the most famous brands, artists and writers joined the Madefire platform. However, Madefire was always intended to be for ‘Creator’s First,’ so perhaps the most exciting news yet is that the Motion Tool has now been released to the public, for free, opening up this technology for any aspiring artist that wants to have a go.

Check out the Motion Tool on the Madefire or DeviantArt site, and start creating truly digital-first stories.