46 Parallels

A new name in African hedge funds

Moving Brands have been working closely with 46 Parallels’ founding partners to create a new hedge fund brand focused exclusively on Africa. Based in London, Lagos and Nairobi, this new venture is a partnership between JMH Group and TIA Strategic Partners.

Moving Brands saw an opportunity to move the identity away from the mundane industry standard, toward a credible, recognisable brand that shared their story with energy and clarity.


The first thing we say to clients is we’re from the 46 Parallels and we’re focused exclusively on the 46 Parallels. People quickly understand what we can offer and how it’s different.

Kayode Akindele, Partner 

The brand was created to direclty reflect the company’s business strategy and to stand out distinctly in the financial services sector. The new brand brings the story of the business, the offer and the partner’s approach to life. It is founded on the belief that hard work, dynamism, teamwork, innovation and passion will unlock the potential of Sub-Saharan Africa.

46 Parallels is not only the new name of the company, it is the focal point of the brand’s story. 46 Parallels represents the area between two key circles of latitude in Africa: the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer, lying 23° degrees respectively North and South of the Equator. This developing region is synonymous with lush environments, new growth and fecundity. The brand was a direct expression of their business strategy focused on operating within this fertile geographical region.



Supporting the credentials of the young but highly experienced team was paramount in this engagement. Their expertise and African (Nigerian, Ghanan and Kenyan) heritage is key to the business’ offering and approach. Moving Brands created an identity system true to this hertiage but bold and immediately distinct from the sea of generic financial services brands.


The strong geographical cues of the brand name drive the creative direction while bars and keylines bring the story to life in the cartographic identity. The wordmark’s serifs correspond exactly to a single unit within the logo’s overall grid. Colour is used sparingly to highlight important content.



The hedge fund’s story is brought to life through the brand experience. The website is simple, informative and to the point. Locally produced photography brings the partners’ African heritage to the fore in an authentic way.


The 46 Parallels brand was launched in October 2011 but Moving Brands has since continued to strategically advise and support 46 Parallels and the JMH Group on moving their brand forward.