A redefined digital experience for Adama’s global audience

We are working with Adama on a long-term digital customer experience strategy. The recent launch of their new global and corporate websites is the first step in a roadmap towards a more digitally-focused business.

Moving Brands led the UX and UI design of the responsive sites, which exist to support Adama’s ecosystem of thousands of farmers around the globe. The corporate site is designed around the user; the navigation has shifted away from product-selling, to enable customer-led exploration.

The 40 global sites are designed around the users’ everyday needs, and are locally-focused through language, products, contacts and information.  A flexible, modular framework ensured a joined-up experience between each of these localised platforms and the corporate site. We continue to work with Adama on evolving the site, as well as defining and developing further digital innovations, to support their vision of becoming a more customer-centered, digitally focused business.

The global Adama website is the first proof point for state of the art user experience, which Adama endeavours to provide the growers and industry actors with, as they adopt new digital channels. Moving Brands is a solid partner, with a great team, that will accompany us in designing the overall user experience for our future digital touch points.

Caroline Schmitt
Digital Lead – Global Marketing