Do great things together

Founded by Facebook Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz and Facebook and Google alum Justin Rosenstein, Asana is anything but an average Silicon Valley start up. By imagining how people could manage their work the way they manage their lives – socially, openly and efficiently – Asana has grown into a cult SaaS business.

Asana approached Moving Brands to help them rebrand and reposition, from a provider of shared task lists and engineering bug trackers, to an enterprise-grade collaboration software company.


The talented team at Asana already knew that they needed to update their product experience. It became clear that to do this properly, they should start at the beginning to better define their brand. Moving Brands collaborated with Asana to first understand what they wanted to convey with their brand and to help them define an identity system that would accurately convey that. We provided an objective, expert point of view to help the team create a solution that was more authentic and meaningful.




The project team within Asana had clear ideas on what made them ‘them’ but needed support in narrowing and prioritising. As Asana Designer Micah Daigle put it:

Within minutes of meeting the folks at Moving Brands, we really liked them. They immediately understood the big problems we’re trying to solve, and saw how much we were falling short with our brand. We opened ourselves up to their process. It began much like our own: drilling into the heart of who we are and what we believe in. They conducted dozens of interviews, led workshops, and ultimately did a much more thorough job of soul-searching than we had.


After defining Asana’s core attributes – empowering, purposeful and human – we developed the Brand Narrative to help the business anchor decision-making and positioning. The short form narrative ‘Do great things together’ served as the basis for the redesign and relaunch of their product and decisions they would make as a business.

As captured in this narrative, Asana is about the power of collaboration. When we came to redesign and optimise the brand system, we considered the roots of the original logo – three vertical dots to symbolize alignment. We used the three dots to form an abstract ‘A’, in a mark that symbolizes the limitless potential of human collaboration.

When I see this on my phone’s homescreen, it’s obvious: that’s the teamwork app.

– Justin Rosenstein, Asana Co-Founder

We worked closely and collaboratively with the Asana team to hone in on every aspect of the mark, typography, and color palette to communicate a sense of balance, clarity, and purpose-driven design. Our designers often worked onsite, embedded in the client team to help guide how the mark should look and be used. Stepping away from our traditional productivity and program management tools, we used Asana at every stage of the project, providing feedback and comments within the tool.



Asana launched with a strong and loud bang. The new brand was revealed on the Asana blog, to a resounding chorus of positivity, an overwhelmingly supportive sentiment was echoed on social media. The team’s Medium article, which detailed our collaborative rebrand process (and is a must-read for a warts-and-all-view of the process for clients looking to rebrand), has been recommended almost one thousand times.