Augusta Ventures

A brand that lends strength to legal claims

Moving Brands is working with Augusta Venture’s shareholders to support their extensive growth objectives through a redefined strategy and brand identity. Augusta Ventures came to Moving Brands as ILF – a litigation-funding venture that supports those unable to bear the cost of legal fees. ILF likened themself to David in an industry where the odds were stacked in Goliath’s favour. Moving Brands was engaged to define and create a brand that could support their objectives to appeal to a broad range of potential client, from small personal claimants, to multi-jurisdiction arbitration cases in the State Court. It needed to be distinct and findable, and reinforce their empathetic ethos.


“It has become obvious that we would have been left behind without a proper brand. It was a process beyond deciding on a name: Moving Brands was extremely focused on achieving a brand that represented the business but also distinguished itself from other competitors.
Moving Brands had taken notice of the smallest things discovered in our workshop. They were able to cut to the point and guide us in a direction which we might not have considered taking.”

Neill Brennan, CEO, Augusta Ventures LLP

After workshops to better understand and articulate the stakeholders’ vision and values, we jointly defined customer journeys to chart out their unavoidably complex process. Clarifying these elements has helped the partners articulate their offering in a way that can be easily understood by potential clients, investors and partners alike.

The acronym ILF was replaced with a brand name that symbolised the shareholders’ approach and offering clearly. ‘Augusta Ventures’ was chosen for its links to venerable and dignified historical protagonists which appeal to potential clients. The name Augusta begins and ends with the letter ‘A’ creating a balanced name which reflects the brand’s story of equality, balance and justice. The name also had the added benefit of appearing foremost in search results, an important factor in generating clients in a sector where repeat business is infrequent.



In developing the visual identity, we looked to the historic world inhabited by the characters referenced in their name, taking inspiration from Roman, Modernist and Contemporary eras. The final mark was chosen for its simplicity and strength which makes the brand recognisable in an expanding and diverse competitive set.

The word Augusta is balanced by the letter ‘A’, highlighted to reflect the brand story of equality, balance and justice. Visually, the two abstracted ‘A’s’ coming together speak of partnership whilst the ‘V’ shape formed between the two ‘A’s’ represent both the venture literally as well as victory. The lockup of the logo and the wordmark are arranged to reinforce a strong, graphic ‘A’ shape.



The identity has been rolled out across a stationery suite and website with the ability to adapt as the business grows. A motif derived from the mark works as a distinguishing visual language for different expressions, bringing instant sophistication to the brand.

We proposed a succesful sponsorship program, ‘Augusta Supports,’ to showcase young British artists. Augusta Ventures feature the artists’ work on their digital and physical spaces, providing a platform for them to progress in a competitive industry. The program reinforces the company’s empathy with the disadvatanged, and their desire to support growing talent.