BBC iPlayer Kids

Captivating a discerning, diverse audience: 5-9 year olds

No longer bound to Saturday mornings, kids are using tablets and other devices to watch and interact with their favourite shows. The BBC’s CBeebies and CBBC are the benchmark for exciting, curious and frenetic kid’s television but the Corporation needed to make its kids content available in a safe digital space.

The BBC engaged Moving Brands to work collaboratively with both the BBC iPlayer and BBC Children’s teams to bring to life the brand for its new platform, BBC iPlayer Kids, and define how it communicates and interacts authentically.


To create a digital first brand with a range of appeal wide enough to encompass CBeebies’ and CBBC’s 1-9+ year old target audience. BBC iPlayer Kids needed to balance giving kids the freedom to be the boss of their own adult-free zone with being a much needed, totally safe, space. Kids have the chance to tailor it, without a free reign on which corners of the internet they can access.





Move over – the kids are in control. At the core of BBC iPlayer Kids is the idea of a ‘kids takeover’ – reflecting the cheekiness and mischief of its target audience. This ‘takeover’ informed everything – from the appropriation of the BBC iPlayer logo and brand to how the typography bursts onto screen.

In helping the BBC take BBC iPlayer Kids from proposition to launch, we worked in close collaboration with the BBC teams to define its art direction and identity.

We created a set of eight universally lovable characters, each with their own distinct personality. Kids have complete control over which avatar they want to guide them through the app.

The identity – playful and responsive – is behaviourally led. Light and fun, the new colours invert the BBC iPlayer palette, while extending those of CBeebies and CBBC to unite the two channels. We experimented with the behaviour of the type to connect with the core ‘takeover’ idea – the type barges the main BBC iPlayer identity out of the way and takes over the screen.

To enhance the functional yet spirited animation we created for the wordmark, we also designed the sound. We experimented, inhouse, with Foley (the sound of found objects) to capture the mischievousness of the animated mnemonic’s properties. While the word ‘iPlayer’ appears more solid, ‘kids’ is softer, rubbery and swooshes in.



The app is a space where kids are in control; editing and curating the programmes they love and will love. It’s safe, relevant and most of all, fun.

Within two days of launch BBC iPlayer Kids has secured the top spot in the App Store for Top Free Apps for Kids. The app is available for download here.